Tourmalinated Quartz Dalmatian Pendant
Tourmalinated Quartz Dalmatian Pendant
Tourmalinated Quartz Dalmatian Pendant

King Love & Queen Clarity

Tourmalinated Quartz Dalmatian Pendant

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Wire Material: Gold

Crystal System: Complex | Monoclinic 

Chemistry: Complex Combination

Hardness: 7 | 5-7.5

Source: Worldwide | Mexico

Number: 9 (for Dalmatian Stone)

Chakra: Protects and cleanses all, especially base and earth 

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio | Gemini 

Beneficial For:  Energy enhancement; detrimental environmental influences; shadow energies; self sabotage; problem solving; harmonizing meridians, aura, and chakras; master he’ll leaving for condition; multidimensional cellular memory healing; efficient receptor for programming; protecting against radiation; energy flow. || Animals, balancing Yin-Yang, mood evaluation, nightmares, athletes, fidelity, cartilage, nerves and reflexes, sprains.


The long, thick, dark 'threads’ in Tourmalinated Quartz create an effective grounding stone that strengthens the bodies own energy field against external invasion. In addition to carry in the generic properties of Tourmaline and Quartz this stone releases tensions at any level and dissolves crystallized patterns that have an adverse effect on life. Harmonizing disparate and opposite elements and polarities, it turns negative thoughts and energy into positive ones. Tourmalinated Quartz facilitates out-of-body experiences and provides protection while traveling. ||

A protective influence, Dalmatian stone is said to sound a warning when danger is near. Helping you get out of your head and into your body, grounding and centering Dalmatian stone physicalizes the soul, assisting in coming joyfully into incarnation. Harmonizing your emotions, it maintain composure and helps avoid overanalysis. Dalmatian stone helps you to move forward in life, but at the same time it allows you to reflect on a potential actions and plan with care. A fortifying stone, it stimulates your sets of fun and is an excellent pick-me-up. This stone transmutes negative energy in outgrown patterns.

Tourmalinated Quartz Dalmatian Pendant