Tiger Iron Pendant
Tiger Iron Pendant
Tiger Iron Pendant

King Love & Queen Clarity

Tiger Iron Pendant

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Wire Material: Silver

Crystal System: Complex

Chemistry: Complex Combination 

Hardness: 7

Source: Australia, South Africa

Chakra: Solar Plexus 

Number: 7

Zodiac Sign: Leo

Beneficial For: Vitality, blood, balancing red-white cell count, toxicity, lower limbs, muscles, stress, prolonging sexual pleasure, prolonged illness or hospitalization, brain hemisphere integration, perception, internal conflicts, pride, willfulness, emotional balance, broken bones, timid women, will power, triple healer meridian, legal situations, iron absorption, Raynaud’s disease, leg cramps, spinal alignment, fractures. 


Extremely helpful for people who take on other peoples feelings, or who are deeply exhaust it at any level, especially those suffering from emotional or mental burn out or a family stress, Tiger Iron assists people who are chemically sensitive and who react to noise pollution. In addition to caring the generic properties of Jasper, Hematite, and Tiger’s Eye, this stone aids change, pointing to a place of refuge when danger threatens and returning evil to its source. Promoting change by opening space to contemplate what is needed, it’s supplies the energy necessary for action. Tiger Iron’s solutions are pragmatic and simple. This is a creative and artistic stone that brings out inherit talents.

Tiger Iron Pendant