Snowflake Obsidian Pendant

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Snowflake Obsidian Pendant

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Wire Material: Silver

Crystal System: Amorphous with complex crystals

Chemistry: SiO2 Silicon dioxide with impurities (feldspar)

Hardness: 5-5.5

Source: Mexico, volcanic regions

Chakra: Sacral

Number: 8

Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Planet: Saturn 

Beneficial For: Releasing “unaligned intentions,” stressful mental patterns, fear, veins, skeleton, circulation, wound healing, compassion, strength, detoxification, blockages, hardens arteries, joint pain, cramp, injuries, pain, bleeding, warming the extremities. 


Snowflake Obsidian is a stone of purity, providing balance for body, mind, and spirit. It calms and soothes, making your receptive before bringing to your attention ingrained patterns of behavior and then gently releasing emotional blockages. Isolation, lonliness becomes empowerment with the assistance of Snowflake Obsidian.