Ascension Talk

King Love & Queen Clarity

Ascension Talk

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We are King Love and Queen Clarity. 

Who are you? What are your names? Not just your alter ego but your ancestors and higher self/guides. Are you aware of your connections and channeling abilities?

Once you REMEMBER your connection/oneness with all that exists, you tap into your innate abilities and enjoy a more fuller co-creative life experience deliberately.

We can help! We are here to assist you with your ascension. 

Breathe deep through your nose and exhale out your mouth visualizing yourself sitting under the shade of an oak tree on a nice calm breezy day. How relaxing? How sound?  When you choose to contact us we choose to communicate. Only by invitation (an open heart and mind) will we be allowing to your wants. Your needs are already met and we will assist you also with reclaiming your awareness of having everything you need and more than enough. Change to see all. No fear! No doubt! No limitations!


What you’ll receive:


  • Intuitive Reading
  • Spiritual Guidance on Connecting with your Inner Being 
  • Channeled guidance
  • Tarot card reading
  • High vibrational literature recommendations

Service Price Details:

• $50/30mins 

* $25 additional 30mins