Amethyst Shard Pendant

King Love & Queen Clarity

Amethyst Shard Pendant

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Wire Material: Gold

Crystal System: Trigonal

Chemistry: SiO2 dioxide with iron

Hardness: 7

Source: Worldwide

Chakra: Third Eye, Soma, Crown, Higher Crown

Number: 3

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius, Pisces

Planet: Jupiter, Neptune 

Beneficial For: Physical, emotional, and psychological pain; decision making; recurrent nightmares; geopathic stress; protection against thieves; anger; rage; fear; anxiety; grief; neural transmission; dreams; alcoholism; hormone production; Endocrine system; metabolism; cleansing and eliminating organs; immune system; blood; headache; bruises; injuries; swelling; burns; hearing disorders; lungs; respiratory tract; skin complaints; cellular disorders; disgestive track; regulating flora; removing parasites; reabsorption of water; insomnia; psychiatric conditions other than paranoia or schizophrenia.


Amethyst derived from the Greek for “to be intoxicated” and was worn to prevent drunkenness. Promoting love of the divine, amethyst encourages Selflessness and spiritual wisdom. Opening multi dimensional awareness, it enhances metaphysical abilities and is an excellent stone for meditation and scrying. Sleeping with amethyst facilitate out of body experience is, helps dream recall, and assists visualization. It guards against psychic attack, transmuting it into love. A natural tranquilizer, amethyst blocks geopathic stress and negative environmental energies. Harmonizing the physical, mental, and emotional bodies and linking them to the spiritual, it purifies the aura. Amethyst is helpful for people about to make the transition through death and supports coming to terms with loss. This stone has a sobering affect on overindulgence and overcome his addictions. Amethyst enhance his memory and improved motivation while balancing emotional highs and lows. Trigonic markings, descending upside-down triangles, or appearing on amethyst points, raising the vibration to an exceedingly high level.