Scrooby Snacks For Omarion!

“Jasmine!” ZyKeem called out. I was sitting on the chase lounge in the sunroom and I told him that I would be having a session with God on cloud nine. “I’m in the sunroom Zy!” I responded. As he approached the door to enter the sunroom I slightly turned my body, lifted his favorite hip into the air and rested my head on my hand. “Are you still going to the Omarion: “Millennium” concert tour this evening?” ZyKeem asked. “Yes Indeed Zy.” I replied. “Tya and Raneesha are on the way over.” I added.

Just then the gray filled rain clouds rolled away letting the rich vitamin-D Sun into the sunroom. I swiveled off the chase lounge, pivoted around Zy and sashayed down the hallway as I thought about what to wear. Since I’m VIP I will be enjoying all that chocolate goodness from the front row and going backstage to meet “my boo” Omarion. What to wear though? 

I know I want to wear something covered but revealing  and nothing too professional. I want to be a sweet balance of urban sophisticated chic. Hmm...Oh yeah... I do have that new Scrooby Snack Shirt Dress I purchased from Fayetteville fashion designer and stylist, Zmear Kallé. As I scanned my perfectly color coded organized large mansion style walk-in closet; I focused upon the red and maroon color coordinated section. Refining my attention to the burgundy tulle sleeves sticking out of the crowd of fabulous fashions. I pulled out the Scrooby Snack Shirt Dress and hung it on my  garment rack and proceeded to my shoes. As I opened my shoe closet within my walk-in closet I immediately noticed my brand new tan thigh high boots I ordered from; I personally feel like these boots are more orange than tan but everyone doesn’t possess extra color sensory gifts like muah. Bless them! *prayer hands emoji

I pulled my turquoise Opaque Tights from ( tights out of my sock drawer; my statement Pretty Brand “Water Bearer Earrings” from ( and the “Classically Modern” Enamel and Crystal Deco Cuff Bracelet  (

“Ding Dong” the doorbell rang... with excitement I requested Zy to open the door for Tya and Raneesha. He was already downstairs. The door opens and suddenly I hear low chatter then multiple footsteps began proceeding to our master bedroom door. I thought to myself, “ My girls are right on time to help me pick which bag I should wear to Omarion’s concert.” 

”Giiiirrrrlllll...” Tya exclaimed, walking in first with arms up in the air because she always arrived all extra making every moment in life a party. I mean don’t get me wrong, I can start a party but no one like Tya endures the party till the end. “What’s up TeeTee!” I answered back. “Hey Jassie,” Raneesha mummered. “You gotta speak up honey if you want my attention” I directly responded.

“Why are you never ready or on time?; and don’t you blame CPT this time.” Tya inquired and insisted. “I was having a difficult time choosing the perfect bag to go with my Scrooby Snack Shirt Dress fit...I was hoping my girls would assist muah!” “No excuses Jas!” Raneesha lowly exclaimed appearing from the background. Raneesha is that friend who will only speak up when she has more than one leg to stand on and when her patience has worn thin. She is for the most part our DD “Designated Driver” when we go out and she’s the most responsible one out of us three. She’s also a push over which I will demonstrate now... “Raneesha, shut the hell up. Everyone isn’t blessed with your righteous timeliness.” She recedes to the background. “And Tya you already know how I do so stop it with the rhetoric.” I concluded. “Let us see the bags,” Tya commanded. 

“Okay, here’s the options; it’s between my killer   hot pink Versace Virtus leather mini-bag ( or my old faithful Louis Vuitton Monogram Rei Kawakubo Bag a.k.a “ Scooby ate my purse” ( Which bag should I wear to Omarion’s Millennium concert tour?”


Without hesitation Tya and Raneesha looked at each other; tilted their head towards me and pointed directly at the hot pink Versace Virtus mini-bag. Tya walks over to the Louis bag and begins laughing historically while uttering, “girl you really thought we were going to walk back stage to meet Omarion with this “cutout” project of a bag?” I answered sarcastically, “Tya you know you would stay close behind me as I “embarrass” you...I did invite you to meet Omarion with me and you can be uninvited.” Raneesha with her hand over mouth responds, “Damn Jasmine, why so salty?” Tya surrenders holding her hands up and humbly bowing out the conversation. She knows when she has gone too far. I responded to Raneesha with a look that could kill a nation. She then nestled herself into the corner of my red velvet Victorian chair and proceeded to maintain a lady like composure. 

“Let me get dressed so we can be fashionably on time.” Tya looks at me in disbelief adding on, “Jaz you are the latest person alive. You will be late for your own home-going service.” I gave a great big laugh and threw a small pillow from my vanity bench at Tya. “Well you know what I mean and it’s the thought that counts, right?” “If you say so Jaz.” Tya replied nonchalantly. 

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  • Tiara!!

    Thank you for sharing your perspective! ❤️

  • Both would be A LOOK, but for me personally would probably go with the Versace Virtus because of the size! I know when I’m going to concerts I like to have something small on me that’s easy to keep up with, especially when I’m going to be around a lot of people. But the Louis is perf for a day on the town or shopping🤩

    • Tiara Baker