Quantum Leaps Forward

Many who are reading this message are aligned to a new frequency and you have been experiencing some “weird” undeniable beautiful synchronized moments of contrast and clarity. Your journey may seem to have gained momentum and although you have not actualized all your manifestations; you have realized it’s presence and demanding for more.

The high vibrational assistive energy you have been feeling recently isn’t by coincidence. The urge to focus more, remaining more calm, asking more questions, receiving more clarity, only concerned with your own reactions and not what others do to you are one of the side effects of Earth’s rise in frequency from 7.83HZ to 16.5HZ; recently hitting peaks of 60HZ.(http://www.ultimatescience.org/frequency-electromagnetic-field-planet-earth-changing/)

As above; So below. (https://youtu.be/A2sukRtdwGE) This new jolt in

Earth’s rise in frequency is causing fashion, music, medical, culture, political, religious, demographic perspectives to experience quantum leaps.

Quantum Leaps? (https://www.dictionary.com/browse/quantum--leap)

We are now understanding; innerstanding the importance of having a more unified state of consciousness. The change of energy which strengthens your core beliefs and makes you question all Old patterns that doesn’t serve your highest good is ever present. More present now that ever. You have everything you need and more than enough! 

In your wanting you are now receiving unctions/synchronization of validity from your internal conciousness; Higher-self; God; Source; The Creator; The One; Oneness; whatever your belief is. Maybe through a specific color bird, a favorite song, a synchronized phone call or text message. You can call me crazy all you want; we are embarking into new territory as a collective. The time is now; seize the moment!! Everyday when you wake up while on your way to work or in the shower, at the gym, about to go off on your neighbor and their dogs; affirm with yourself that you are indeed having a day of heaven on earth! Remind yourself of the massive godlike energy you possess. Be open to change; excited about the unknown and in extreme expectations for more well being and abundance.

Love and clarity to you on your journey! 


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