I recently visited Dancing Moon Crystal Store located in Raleigh, NC and aligned myself to a very interesting journal. The journal has an embossed holographic image of the Catalan Atlas (1375) by Abraham Cresques (Spain) featuring Earth in the center, personified by an astronomer. Concentric circles represent the four elements, the seven planets, the zodiac, and the moon phases, with the four seasons in the corner. 

Yes, I could’ve went for the leather bound journal with no intriguing, enlightening front cover but who am I to be simple and mediocre. My heart and hands led me to the journal I have today. Follow your heart! I channel information from my higher-self everyday and a lot transpires in one day for me so I have been writing profusely with passion and viction. 

There was a time when I used to ask myself, “how will I know the difference between my egoic-self and higher-self speaking to and through me?” Well since I’ve been writing in my new journal I have noticed something beautiful. When I reread what I’ve written from ego’s perspective I can read it in full with no stops, like reading a bedtime story. Totally not the case with Higher-self as I read the enlightening words like its a new book and my first time reading; pausing in awe and rereading sentences in amazement with the thought, “I, me wrote this?!” Don’t believe me...here’s what my higher-self blessed me with on 9/1/18:

Internal Self,

Let’s commune in harmony. Rhythm is the flow. We are one of many given expansive power of love and light to change everything and nothing at all. Change to see all! We speak with reverence and celebrate the divinity within us. Walking in the physical body, feelings of floating on clouds; Lighter than clouds. The skies above doesn’t quantify nor summarize the exquisite taste of our now moments. Steps of ease healing oneself and those around. Truth, light whos beams reaches through the rough dense contrast. Contrast brings about opportunities for growth which is clarity at best; truth you are present. Love the truth that brings light through contrast while polarity coincides with correspondence. Power belongs to us! Competitions are put aside, released with love. Towers rise and fall but the soul is a strong bridge over the river of self, life, all there is.  Change to see all that the world is at your service. We are only focused on our desires and no one else’s. Be not attached to the vehicle for vessels are broken and built, molded, crafted by us, The Potter. Our work is only but one fun forward, onward, upward momentum ride—taking only what we came with and what we left right up in our intentions over “unbothered-ness”. We don’t wait for approvals or updates we are always knowing, ever breathing on the high vibrations that permeates in and out, up and down, under and over, through us. Focus again on what we are speaking to the beat of our drum. Mmmm...doesn’t that feel good. We are thankful, grateful, and appreciative. And so it is!

In Love & Light,



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