Cuddlin’ Season: ZK Aztec Cardigan Coat

Winter days in Fayetteville, NC can be unpredictable and Fall has failed us for the umpteenth time. With winter being what some call “Cuddlin Season”, many cuddle and snuggle up with someone they call special. We have created something that you can cuddle up with whether you’re in a relationship or single or poly...

There’s nothing like toasting s’mores on a nice cool evening with hot cocoa, a large plush throw and your stylish futuristic ZK Aztec Cardigan Coat. Some may say “Wait...hold up...I’ve had hot cocoa before plenty of times and I’ve experienced the warmth of a soft throw but what is a ZK Aztec Cardigan Coat?” Our cardigan coat is comprised of 70% Nylon and 30% Polyester fibers. Soft to the touch; irresistible to not snuggle. Made with all genders in mind so the whole family can enjoy! 

You can rest assure that you and yours will be comfortable, confident, and warm; due to the medium weight sweater knit fabric and unique cut. Our goal is to evoke balance... for moderation is key. Two splits on sides for smooth pocket access; two symmetrical rectangle flaps for seven hand sewn snap closures; Fifth Dimension futuristic type collar. Invest in yourself this holiday season with the ZK Aztec Cardigan Coat. Follow the link:

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