Corona Who?! Masks

We are always covered and aligned to our higher source reflection. We are strong, resilient, and consciously connected. Rather than focus on the negatives and the could be’s; let’s set our collective attention on what we want. We desire peace, healing, and collective longevity. We affirm our abiding love; subsiding ego and fear. 

As we collectively progress we are being asked by the Universe; higher self; Source; God; Love; ... Are we resonating love at the highest frequency we can emanate? Protecting yourself and others is the first step to a better now and future. That protection is knowing that you are already covered/healed. We have created Corona Who?! Masks to assist with raising vibrations through fashion and art. Corona Who?! is a question that petitions us to look within and reflect on our own beliefs.

Funny questions: Do you even drink Corona? Those who do, have you stopped?

Serious questions: Do you believe you are healed? Do you believe in anything?

For those of us who over-stands that the word virus translates to for-us. Those who claim and believe strongly in the word virus are claiming to already subconsciously be for it. “Your vote matters”, kind of deal. The more people believe in it the more real it becomes. This can take all kind of shapes and forms like a shoe left in the middle of the floor in a dark room. Whatever it is...when you add vir-us you are signing a “contract” verbally and mentally. (English translation for “vir”; Comparable to dis-ease. With our eyes wide open we can see what we say, it is what it is. 

 Note: We are not doctors or claim to have doctor certified masks. We can confirm that those who wear our masks will feel stylish and look fashionable.

Let’s  stay motivated at being great with the new Zmear Kallé designer: Corona Who?! Masks. Get your  “Corona Who?! Mask” Today! 3 layers of vegan fabrics for breathable eco-friendly protection. Machine washable (hand wash recommended) and reusable. Fun and festive prints and textures. Let’s be fashionably quarantined and stylish through this time of social distancing. Pick as many options you desire.

1 mask for $10 (NC Orders)

1 mask for $15 (Out-of-State Orders) 

Cashapp: $ZmearMear 

*Washing your hands is still required. While washing hands affirm, 

“I am covered and my path is full of abundance, good health and longevity.” 3xs


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