Androgynous Hear!

To all those hurting inwardly here's some "retail therapy" for you! My name is Zmear Kalle and I am an androgynous fashion designer based in America. Growing up in Fayetteville, NC in the 90's I realized that having the best designer wear/name brands afforded one with red carpet service. I wasn't dealt that hand in life; I faced many tumultuous challenges and oftentimes I was defeated by my own will not to fight back in opportunities to reveal my own self-worth and confidence. Yes, many can reflect on  their past memories of being bullied, abused and misunderstood. Majority of us have brushed pending matters under the rug to avoid our own greatness lying within the storm of persecution. It took me a moment to realize this self truth that my greatness was out for the world to see, then I allowed others to beat, stomp and bury my greatness deep within me along with a cloud of unanswered questions. I am now embracing my pains, consoling them, then releasing or transforming energy (Alchemy). 

 After being gay bashed, bullied, abused on all levels I chose to no longer pick sides. That's where Androgyny is born: In the depths of separated pressure. Blue or red? Right wing or left wing? For or against? Who's your favorite team? Who's your favorite president? If you answered any of those demanding questions then you're in the right place. Androgyny is balanced consciousness;  requiring the individual to genuinely shine without a need for improve character. Bearing both the characteristics and physical appearance of female and male. Difficult to choose a side when there's no sides present. I strive to provide a balanced bridge of choice. No more external influences! 

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